Burton D. Morgan
Future Medtech Entrepreneur

Applied Medical Innovation Experience for Medical, Pharmacy, Business, and Law Students

June 10th - July 25th


Program Structure

Learn It | Review It | Do It

June 10th - July 25th

College Students in Classroom

Learn It

Team Talk

Review It

Giving a Presentation


2 Week Comprehensive In-Class Experience. Learn from Experts in Medical Innovation and Commercialization.

June 10th - June 21st

Review Early-Stage Medical Technology Investor Presentations and Present Your Findings to the Investment Committees.

June 24th - July 9th

Work in Innovation Teams to Identify Promising Technologies from the Region and Develop a Pitch to Economic Development Professionals.

July 10th - July 25th.

Working Together

If you are ready to change the future of healthcare through innovation, we look forward to reviewing your application.


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Rootstown, OH, USA


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